The International Competition of Invention, Innovation & Development (ICIID) takes center stage to bring together a melting point of ideas and inspirations, participants. This platform can expect to be in the center of the latest discoveries get to the bottom in the innovative forefront. The agenda is the commercialization and truly marketable discovery which has market longevity.

So join us in ICIID 2018 and let the world get a glimpse of your marketable discoveries.

Why Participate In ICIID?

ICIID is the platform where creative mind learn, innovate & deploy. It attracts the right person in the science and technology industry, investors, capitalists, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, distributors and the corporate sectors make their way. ICIID is the one place to unveil a new invention or product. As the industry-facing branch of ICIID, our learn-by-doing method of iterative product, service and experience prototyping creates confidence in decision making, and clarifies options for next steps specially to explore new business ventures.

ICIID conference and exhibition will bring together government departments mandating the inventions/new products need in nation development. The industries keenest are here to discuss and debate research work. Fellow inventors and researchers will be delighted with the level of academic discussion enabled here. ICIID is where commercialization of inventions/new products happens. Inventors can seek out potential investors here and convince them why funding their invention can be net society. ICIID provides the best audience for prototype inventions or products.